Cast Iron Table And Chairs

With the acceleration of the urbanization process, the population density has further increased, and the urban people's activity space is getting smaller and smaller. For this reason, the urban construction department has more and more laying area for outdoor public facilities, including some outdoor tables and chairs For people to relax outdoors. In addition to the outdoor furniture, some outdoor furniture, such as some restaurants, cafes or hotels, also have this type of outdoor furniture, and most of them are European-style.
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cast iron table and chairs is thicker and stronger, and its hardness is dozens of times stronger than solid wood. It is one of the favorite metal furniture indoors and outdoors. Wrought iron tables and chairs heat iron or steel through high temperature, melt into molten iron or molten steel, and then pour into molds to cool and shape. Through welding, running-in and other details, the surface is smooth and smooth without scratches, and the touch is textured. The spray-painted and galvanized iron table and chairs are waterproof and non-rusting. Outdoor wrought iron tables and chairs are widely used outdoors because they are relatively hard and durable, with a thick texture and no rust.

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Product Features

1. Design. The design concept of European wrought iron furniture comes from European-style architecture. It pays attention to fine and symmetrical layout, giving people a sense of composition. European-style wrought iron furniture mostly uses iron bars as the basic production elements, and the combination of arc lines and straight bars increases the aesthetics of the layout. Clever texture design, novel composition characteristics, simple and not simple shape are the biggest advantages of European wrought iron furniture.

2. Craftsmanship. European-style wrought iron furniture will take into account the material factors of the wrought iron furniture itself in the production process, anti-corrosion treatment of the furniture, to maximize the service life of the wrought iron furniture, in addition, ingeniously design the connecting belt between the materials, the riveting point of the Flaws are effectively covered to enhance the visual aesthetic effect.


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