Dinning Chair

Dinning Chair

cast iron table and chairs is thicker and stronger, and its hardness is dozens of times stronger than solid wood.
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Product NameMetal Iron Cafe Dinning Chair
Material Resistant steel


Inner Package:1pc each polybag
Any other special requested package is negotiable

European-style wrought iron furniture will take into account the material factors of the wrought iron furniture itself in the production process, anti-corrosion treatment of the furniture, to maximize the service life of the wrought iron furniture, in addition, ingeniously design the connecting belt between the materials, the riveting point of the Flaws are effectively covered to enhance the visual aesthetic effect.

More and more young people in all kinds of home decoration design, prefer the home decoration style of industrial wind.When it comes to industrial wind, the element that has to be said is the element of iron art. The design display with a sense of line and the simple sense bring a different aesthetic feeling to the whole home space. 

The material of iron art is also firm and durable, adornment household space is practical and beautiful.Become the household decoration style of current popularity, let a person fondly put down.The dining room is a place for the whole family to sit down and eat together, and having a personalized low back high iron chair can enhance the sense of style of the whole restaurant.The iron art of industrial wind low back high vertebra foot iron chair presents a tall cold model son, let dining-room is having the charm that has a unique style.This kind of iron industry style furniture can touch the soul, is the only choice to decorate the style of home space atmosphere, is also a necessity to highlight the personality of modern home.













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