Metal Bar Stool

Metal Bar Stool

Sturdy steel frame with plastic footcaps to prevent damage to floor. Compact, lightweight and stackable for easy storage,
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With the continuous improvement of the technological level, the design of iron furniture has become more novel and fashionable, the decorative quality has been greatly improved, and it has a strong artistic value in the visual effect.With the constant change of people's aesthetic consciousness, ironwrought furniture has been widely used in modern home life. Its unique shape and decorative effect make it a current trend. Now the furniture industry is entering the "metal age" from the "wood age".Furniture of iron art its unique metal "cold" simple sense, make scorching summer becomes the hot season of furniture of iron art.


In recent years, industrial design style has become more and more popular, which combines many different styles.Whether at home, restaurant, bar, or office, industrial design will create a unique atmosphere.And the easiest way to use industrial wind in these places is to use some industrial wind designed furniture.

Unique aesthetics by fashion designers and young people around the world sought after and loved, use expanded rapidly from the outside to the household, commercial, display and so on different occasions, not expectations are well in all kinds of space, especially in recent years and mix build, country, American main decorate a style, nostalgia, northern Europe, Chinese style is tie-in, present a unique charm

1.French industrial design pairs well with rustic and modern farmhouse decor
2.Thoughtfully designed wit a matte black finish
3.Constructed of sturdy steel for lasting durability
4.30” seat height with high back design
5.Vintage café seating with rounded footrest




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