Vintage Cast Iron Patio Furniture

High-Quality Wrought Iron construction & Durable Natural Powder-Coated finish, many-year production and technology experience
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General useIndoor Commercial Furniture
Tranport PackageOne Piece Per Carton

Advanced baking technology, surface finish use oil injection, greatly increased the paint adhesion, painting not easy to peel off.Use high-technology machinewelding the chair, the back of chair come with seamless welding.the chair is more solid and firm. According to customer needs,pipe can be changed. Use the wear-resistant soft rubber padto reduce the friction between the chair and the ground, increasing the life of the chair.

Product maintenance:

1.Industrial wind iron chair surface should often keep clean, prevent pollution and mildew.If mildew is found, the product should be moved to the ventilated place, and in the place with mildew irons for 2-3 minutes, until mildew disappeared;

2.Tea, such as falling on the surface of the industrial wind iron chair, should be promptly wiped away, otherwise, over time will leave ugly patches.If have smudge to produce, can sprinkle some water on the surface of the product, with foil paper to wipe, then scrub with water, you can wash away the smudge;

3.Industrial wind iron chair, otherwise it will leave a scorch mark.If the scorch mark is only on the surface, you can wrap a hard cloth on the toothpick to gently wipe the mark, and then apply a layer of wax, the scorch mark can be removed;

4.Industrial wind iron chair to avoid exposure to the sun, rain.Because the sealing seam is easy to crack, which leads to the expansion and deformation of the substrate.

Production Line and equipment


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