Wrought Iron Patio Set

The advantages of iron outdoor tables and chairs are very strong and durable. Its hardness is dozens of times stronger than that of ordinary solid wood materials. It heats iron or steel by high temperature, melts it into molten iron or molten steel, and then casts it. After welding, Polishing and other details can produce a smooth, seamless, textured finished product. The spray-painted iron table and chairs also have the advantages of waterproof and rust-free, so it can be widely used outdoors.
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The welding of wrought iron tables and chairs is very critical, which is related to the safety of use, so it is necessary to focus on checking its firmness, and the welding points of well-made iron tables and chairs will not be exposed, and also pay attention to the wrought iron tables and chairs Is the pattern and color uniform?

Choosing a wrought iron table and chair is also very important. It must be matched with the style of the overall home improvement. Do n’t feel that it can be chosen as you like in the outdoor, otherwise it will affect the overall decoration effect.

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Product Features

1. As a metal furniture, iron furniture has a high finish, strong plasticity, and solid durability.

2. The iron furniture is rich in shape, and the style and color are changeable to meet the various needs of customers;

3. Iron furniture is more personalized than wooden furniture, and can achieve various shapes that wooden furniture cannot reach;

4. The wrought iron furniture has simple workmanship and a high degree of mechanization, so its cost is relatively low, so the wrought iron furniture has a high cost performance and strong practicality.

5. The color of the iron furniture is very easy to match with various decoration styles, and the colors that consumers like can basically be satisfied.


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