10 Essential Elements Of Industrial Style

- Aug 14, 2020-

The decoration style of industrial loft is the favorite of many young people who are pursuing individuality and freedom nowadays. The rough and mysterious characteristics of this style itself will definitely make many people fall in love at the first sight! How to make Loving Hut something different? Come follow suit!


1.The classic flavor of black, white and gray

Black, white and gray are very suitable for industrial style. Black is mysterious and cold, and white is elegant and light. Mixing and matching the two can create more levels of change; when matching the colors of interior decoration and furniture, choosing pure black and white gray can make the home feel more industrial!


2. Replace monotonous whitewashed walls with brick walls

The gaps between the bricks and the bricks can present different levels of light and shadow from the general wall, and they can also be painted on the bricks. Whether it is painted in black, white or gray, it can bring a sense of oldness to the interior. The old but modern visual effect is very suitable for the rough atmosphere of the industrial style.


3. The original cement wall

Thinking of the concrete wall makes people think of the works of Tadao Ando, a Japanese architect who is famous for his clear water model construction. Compared with the retro feeling of the brick wall, the cement wall has a sense of calm and modernity; staying in the space constructed by cement, the whole person can't help but slow down, breathe in the cold air slowly, and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the interior.


4. Bare pipeline

Traditional home decoration has one key point: how to arrange the pipeline configuration and how to hide it so that people can't notice their existence. But the industrial style decoration goes the other way, not deliberately concealing various water and electricity pipelines, but turning it into one of the visual elements of the interior through the arrangement of locations and the matching of colors. This subversion of traditional decoration is often the most attractive. Do not work hard to hide the pipelines on the ceiling, you can have a high ceiling, or you can properly create an industrial style. It’s okay to let the wires hang naturally, and it’s the spirit of industrial style if you don’t pretend it!


5. Metal furniture

Metal is a strong and durable material. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, metal daily necessities have been constantly appearing in human life. However, the metal style is too cold, you can mix and match metal and wood, which can retain the warmth of the home without losing the roughness. Among them, chairs are the easiest and most chosen furniture. The unique industrial aesthetics of Tolix Chair has been sought after and favored by fashion designers and young people all over the world. Its use range has rapidly expanded from outdoor to home, business, display and other occasions. It does not disappoint the expectations and has excellent performance in various spaces. Especially in recent years, it has been matched with major decoration styles such as mix and match, country, American, nostalgic, Nordic, Chinese, etc., showing a unique charm and becoming the veritable first chair in all-match.


6. The match of wood

Industrial furniture often has traces of logs. Many iron tables and chairs will use wooden planks as table tops or chair surfaces, so that they can fully show the depth and texture of the wood grain. Especially the old and aged wood makes furniture more textured.


 7. The use of leather goods

The history of human use of leather is very long. Now whether it is in Europe, America or Asia, there are many old cobblers craftsmanship with their own characteristics. The key to industrial style matching is the color and material of the leather. Please be sure to choose leather with worn-out and classic colors. Using this classic craft as a part of the furniture can make your living space more retro.


8. Lamps and bulbs

Metal frame and double-joint lamps are the easiest objects to create industrial style. Don't underestimate its effect. Putting one on the table can bring changes to the surrounding atmosphere. In addition, exposed light bulbs are also a must-have product. People who are obsessed with industrial style must have a soft spot for all kinds of tungsten light bulbs.


9. Water pipe style remanufactured furniture

I don’t know since when, a lot of furniture made of metal water pipes appeared on the market! It's almost like an exclusive design for industrial style. If you have completed all the decorations in your home, and you can't knock down the wall to expose the pipeline, then these furnishings will be a good alternative.


10. Old and unfailing, the old fashioned industrial style

It is not necessary to have large pieces of furniture such as chairs or lamps to highlight the industrial style. In fact, the mottled feeling of old objects is very suitable as an element of industrial style. An iron box, a pair of scissors, and garden tools are all very flavorful. Decorated.