3D Wooden Wall Panels With Concave And Convex Three-dimensional Geometric Structure, Let The House Show A Different Beauty

- May 22, 2020-

There are three types of 3D wooden wallboards, diagonal hanging boards, large and small, and ordinary wallboards. The effect of the walls laid out by the three processes is different. The uneven surface is very obvious, which makes the whole decorative wall look full of charm. At the same time, the kind of warm, natural and harmonious intimacy created by the natural wood texture and color has conquered every consumer who advocates simple fashion and pursues a natural and comfortable life.


The 3D wood wall panel is superior to other wall decoration building materials in terms of decorative effect, wood texture, installation and processing recommendations. At the same time, the 3D wood wall panel is made of wood, but its waterproof and flame retardant anti-aging and environmental protection The performance is also very good, no less than traditional wood or plastic wood or ecological wood and other emerging building materials. At the same time, the 3D wood wall panel is completely a tenon-and-mortar splicing process. The process hardly uses glue paint or a small amount of other hardware components. The whole process achieves seamless connection, which is very simple and beautiful. Therefore, the market competitive advantage of 3D wood wall panel is quite obvious .


3D wooden wall panels can be installed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally according to personal preferences. Generally, vertical installation is recommended, because the light entering the room from the window is horizontal, and the dark and dark surface of vertical installation will be more obvious The three-dimensional effect is prominent, and the vertical installation can reduce the accumulation of dust and facilitate cleaning. At the same time, 3D wood wallboard can be sawn, nailed and planed as wood. It does not need to be painted and is ready to install. General carpenters can install it easily and quickly. A familiar worker can install hundreds of square meters a day.