Benchmark Of Industrial Aesthetics-Tolix Chair

- Jul 23, 2020-

Basic information

Name: Tolix Chair

Category: Single Chair

Designer: Xavier Pauchard

Manufacturer: Tolix

Design time: 1934



For most people, Tolix may be a vocabulary, but you will never be unfamiliar with Tolix Chair. When you visit cafes and bars around the world, you can see it everywhere. The legend of Tolix Chair began in a small French town called Autun. In 1934, Xavier Pauchard (1880-1948), a pioneer in the French galvanizing industry, successfully applied galvanizing technology to metal furniture in his own factory, designing and producing The first Tolix Chair, namely Model A Chair.



At first, Tolix Chair was designed as outdoor furniture, and in 1956, a stackable version that met the needs of the store was launched. But the popularity of the Tolix Chair far exceeds the imagination of designers. Its unique industrial aesthetics has been sought after and favored by fashion designers and young people all over the world. Its use range has rapidly expanded from outdoor to home, business, display and other occasions. It does not disappoint. It has a good performance in all kinds of spaces, especially in recent years, it has been matched with the main decoration styles such as mix and match, country, American, nostalgic, Nordic, Chinese, etc., showing a unique charm, becoming the veritable No. 1 in wild chair.



Of course, the perfect place to use Tolix Chair is still restaurants, bars and cafes. Its convenience and durability and its laid-back temperament have become a perfect match for these petty bourgeois commercial spaces. However, with the popularity of industrial retro style in recent years, more and more people choose to move Tolix Chair into their homes, perhaps because Tolix Chair is more lively than other industrial style furniture, not only in terms of style. Relatively modern, and with bright and brilliant colors, the rich color selection allows you to be more arbitrary when matching the space.