Can You Directly Paste Wallpaper On The Wooden Wall Panel?

- Aug 23, 2019-

The home was renovated and I wanted to put on the wall on the wall. But before I made a wooden wall panel on the wall, my father thought about whether he could put the wallpaper directly on it, saving money and saving time. Is that feasible in the end?

Some people have done this on the Internet, and the construction process is very simple. The netizen said that the flatness of the surface of the wooden wallboard should be ensured first. The surface of the wooden board can be processed first to fill the gaps, voids, etc., and the surface is polished with a sandpaper and a sander. Then apply a layer of wallpaper-specific base film or white latex on the wooden wall board, and then dry it before proceeding to the next glue.

Note that the wallpaper is soaked in water and the wallpaper is glued on the back. Scrape the excess glue on the board with a scraper, then evenly apply a special adhesive tape to spread the wallpaper. When you paste it, it is best to brush the glue to improve the firmness of the paste. Finally, the surface will be polished. It can be flattened.

And although it is all wood, there are certain differences between different qualities, such as wood board, its surface is not smooth enough. In addition, due to the long time of use, the wooden wall panel is rougher than the surface and cannot be treated the same. The seam needs to be flattened and smoothed.