Common Solid Wood Dining Table Material

- Aug 21, 2020-

The density, hardness and moisture content of different solid wood are different. The service life of solid wood furniture is generally related to its manufacturing process. When you buy a dining table, you need to consider its durability, which involves anticorrosion, acid resistance, heat resistance and other material properties. And the table because sometimes need to move, there will inevitably be bumps, so also to consider the hardness of solid wood, because the soft general bump will leave traces, which will not be very beautiful.First of all, the solid wood commonly used to make solid wood furniture includes: pine, beech, birch, ash, ash, oak (including red and white oak), and black walnut.


1. Pine: it has pine flavor, light yellow color, clear and beautiful texture, smooth lines and good texture. But the texture is soft, easy to expand, crack and deform.

 Pine pattern:



Because of the softer texture of pine, it is easier to leave traces if there are bumps. The price of pine is relatively low. The pine dining table is easy to identify.




2. Beech: beech wood texture is uniform, beautiful texture, hard texture, impact resistance. It is easy to bend under steam and not easy to deform under drying. It has good processing, finishing and gluing properties. White beech is light pink, and its heartwood is reddish brown to brown after drying. If the heartwood is cut in the process of wood making, there will be reddish brown or brown stripes or ellipses on the board.



Beech dining table:



3. Birch has high mechanical strength, elasticity and obvious growth rings, so the birch furniture is smooth and wear-resistant, with clear patterns. Now it is used for the production of structure, ornamental wood and internal frame. Birch has good processing performance, smooth section, good paint and gluing performance, so the paint surface of birch furniture is smooth and smooth. Birch is hygroscopic and easy to crack and warp when drying, so birch furniture should not be too dry for indoor environment.




4. Fraxinus mandshurica: yellow white (sapwood) or brown slightly yellow (heartwood). The tree ring is obvious but uneven, the wood structure is thick, the texture is straight, the luster is not bright, and the hardness is small. Fraxinus mandshurica has the characteristics of elasticity, toughness, wear resistance and moisture resistance. But it is difficult to dry and easy to deform, so most of the current Fraxinus mandshurica furniture is the main frame of Fraxinus mandshurica solid wood, and a large area of part of Fraxinus mandshurica veneer. Fraxinus mandshurica wood grain:



Fraxinus mandshurica dining table



5. Fraxinus: Fraxinus is mainly produced in Russia, North America and parts of Europe; it has strong anti-corrosion function; it is easy to be machined and polished by cutting tools. Ash wood furniture appearance is more beautiful, its glossiness is very high; you can clearly see the neat and staggered wood grain on the ash wood furniture, the surface of furniture products is very smooth, the density of ash wood material is relatively high, the strength and hardness are also very high, in terms of mechanics, the bearing capacity is also very high, very suitable for making furniture, can be used for collection and placement. Many furniture associations refer to Fraxinus ash as ash wood. In fact, these two species are different. The price of ash wood is much higher than that of Fraxinus mandshurica. grain:


6. Oak:  The growth ring is obvious, slightly wavy, a little like a mountain. Red oak is pink in color, while white oak is light yellow. The color difference between the two is not great. Oak is characterized by heavy hard, straight texture, thick structure, light and elegant color, beautiful texture, high mechanical strength and wear resistance, but the wood is not easy to dry, sawing and cutting. At the same time, if the deformation degree of large area is large, the oak pattern also has the difference of straight and horizontal grain, the straight grain is more beautiful, and the price is better It's a little more expensive, too. White oak is mainly produced in Europe and North America, while red oak is widely distributed in the eastern United States.



Oak dining table:



7. Walnut: mainly black walnut. There are often irregular dark stripes, obvious growth ring, straight or irregular texture, slightly coarse structure, hard wood, high strength, high impact toughness, high compressive strength, good warping performance, corrosion resistance, good carving performance, easy manual and mechanical processing, good screw holding force, and easy cutting and planing, smooth and sticky planed surface. It is mainly produced in North America.




Black walnut table, the price of all solid wood black walnut is very expensive, so generally speaking, many solid wood black walnut tables on the market are covered with black walnut wood, and the panel is made of rubber wood.