Do You Know The Type And Installation Method Of Solid Wood Wallboard?

- Apr 09, 2020-

Solid wood wallboard is a new type of decorative wall material developed in recent years. It generally uses wood and other materials as the base material and is a kind of wallboard for indoor walls.

The wood of the siding is a bad conductor. The room using the siding will be warm in winter and cool in summer and because the wood itself can regulate the air humidity of the room. Therefore, in the centuries-old castles and palaces in Europe, Wall panels can be seen everywhere and are a must for high-end decoration.

The wall panel is mainly composed of wall panel + decorative column + top corner line + skirting line + waist line.

The solid wood siding has the advantages of convenient and fast installation, time saving, labor saving, good interchangeability, multiple disassembly and assembly, no deformation, long life and other advantages.


Classification of solid wood wall panels

Solid wood wall panels are divided according to style:

There are mainly Chinese style, new Chinese style, European style (Baroque style, Rococo style, neo-classical style), American style, Mediterranean style, simple style, etc. Designers can use different materials and styles according to different customer needs, combined with wooden work The three-dimensional analysis of the whole case design has designed a wonderful wallboard product.

Solid wood paneling by material:

(1) Pure solid wood wallboard refers to horizontal and vertical squares, core (belly) boards, and all wooden parts (except pallets and beading) are made of solid wood sawn wood or solid wood boards.

(2) Solid wood composite wallboard refers to the horizontal and vertical, the frame part is made of solid wood board or sawn wood, and the core (belly) board is made of artificial board as the base material.

(3) Solid wood composite wall board refers to all vertical and horizontal and core (core) boards are made of artificial board, with solid wood skin on the surface or directly painted with paint.

The lines used in the above three types of wallboard are all solid wood, such as waist line, top line, skirting line, buckle line on the wall plate, nail line, etc.

Precautions for installation of solid wood panel

Pay attention to select wooden bead with uniform thickness and similar color. Before operation, the cable should be pulled to check whether the top of the wallboard is straight, and any problems should be corrected in time. Otherwise it will lead to the problems of uneven thickness, unevenness and splitting of the top wall of the wallboard.

If the moisture content of the wood is large, it will shrink after drying, causing the joint to be uneven or cracked. Nails that are too small, the distance between the nails are too large, and missing adhesive can cause unevenness. Therefore, we must strictly control the quality at the beginning of the material production.

Before installing the panel, the size of the sub-blocks should be designed, and each sub-block should be straightened and then trial-installed once. After adjustment and repair, it will be officially nailed. If you do not pay attention to the selection of fabrics and careless operation, it will cause serious problems, such as disordered surface patterns, uneven colors, uneven corners, uneven surfaces, black lines at the seams, and poor seams.