How Long Can Wooden Wall Panels Last?

- Mar 05, 2021-

Wooden wall panels are iconic, but how long can they last? The benefit of wood paneling for the exterior of your house is that it is a beautiful, durable, and natural alternative. However, as we all know, wooden wall panels require hard work, time and maintenance to stay healthy and lasting. This is a classic American wallboard material, but how fair is it under the test of time?



How long should wooden wall panels last?

The variables that affect the service life of wooden wallboards are as follows: the type of wood used, the maintenance of the paint, the use of finishes and other sealants, the degree of water exposure, and the style of the wallboard

Wood wall panel repair skills

The wood must be properly painted with paint, stains or transparent sealant. If it is not protected, it is easy to rot and rot due to moisture. Internal logic Please follow the steps below to ensure that your wooden wall panels look healthy and can be used for a long time:

Use paint, stains or transparent sealants to protect the wooden wall panels from moisture and corrosion. This topcoat is very important to protect the panel from moisture, rot and other weather damage.


Try not to let the wood paneling directly touch the ground. This will help combat potential rot and other fungal growth.

Clean the wall panels of the house regularly. Do not clean the wooden boards too hard to avoid the danger of paint chips or other damaged materials. Fix the wall panels with a hose before and after cleaning, and clean the wooden wall panels with a simple water and soap or detergent solution.

Reseal/repair your wooden wall panels approximately every 2-5 years. This will help prevent moisture and other water damage. Taking the time to repaint and reseal your wooden wall panels is essential to make them durable and beautiful.

Replace damaged panels immediately. If you want to warp, crack and other major damage, don't wait to replace these panels. Leaving a partially damaged panel on the house may cause other damage, which will not only cause damage to the house wall panels, but also damage to the exterior and other components of the structure.



When to consider replacing wooden wall panels

If your wooden wall panels are visibly damaged, warped or cracked, it is time for some repairs or replacements.

If your paint layer comes off the board, it may indicate a persistent defect inside the panel, such as absorbed moisture or gaps in the primer. Generally, the problem of paint peeling can be solved by scraping or chemically peeling off the old paint layer, re-priming the panel, and then applying topcoat and sealant.

However, the cause of paint peeling may be more severe weathering and defects in the wood itself that need to be replaced. Peeling paint can sometimes pull on the wood, causing physical damage to the panel itself.