How Much Do You Know About Real Ecological Wood Wall Panels?

- Aug 22, 2019-

The first point of material: First of all, we must look at the materials used. The whole wood is made of all-natural wood, and the trees and living materials are all made of high-quality wood. It is recommended that you carefully examine it when you choose it. Don't try to be cheap, because the quality of the product determines the quality of the product.

The second point of paint: there are many kinds of paint, the paint is not environmentally friendly, the best materials still can not meet the requirements of environmental protection, and even harm to health! Most of the paints use environmentally friendly water-based paints, one is environmentally friendly, and can maintain the texture characteristics of the wood itself. ! The vast majority of whole wood customization is done in the factory, and then installed on the spot, here we must choose some reputable, word-of-mouth business or manufacturers to buy production, in order to ensure the quality of the paint.

The third point hardware accessories: the most overlooked furniture in the whole wood home decoration is the small hardware, even for the price of affordable use of inferior hardware accessories, in fact, often rubbing the place is also prone to safety hazards, so choose strength High-grade, wear-resistant, low-noise and other hardware accessories. When purchasing hardware, be sure to look for the brand. Inferior hardware accessories are not only troublesome, but also may cause safety to be worth the loss!

The fourth point of the whole wood custom design: this link is a very important core link, the product should be designed according to the room area and functional needs, the whole wood custom decoration must first meet the daily life needs of family members. At the time of design, the type and size of the product should be determined based on the number and condition of family members.

The sixth point style match: custom products and decoration style should be unified - before the decoration should be determined by the style of home assembly and furniture.