How Strong The Decorative Effect Of The Mirror Is, Don't Ignore It At Home!

- Mar 12, 2021-

Are you still in the age when the function of the mirror is only to tidy up the appearance? Most of the time, we have ignored an item at home - the mirror, how strong is its decorative role?

The status of mirror in our home is not just a simple "mirror", its decoration, decoration, decorative role is very powerful, ignore it, feel like missing a century.


The mirror with its own sense of design is a complete and perfect decoration without the help of walls and pendants. Its structure is very stable, and some clothes can be put under it.

In addition, the more widely used at home is the circular mirror, its decoration is divided into hanging, placing and other forms.

Hang up



Select a fixed point above the wall of the mirror to be placed, and fix the mirror with woven rope, metal rope, cotton and hemp rope, etc. One thing to note is to determine the height of the mirror.

The porch, dressing table and washing table are also suitable, and they don't choose the place. 


Moreover, they have the same function as hanging pictures, and even stronger decorative function than hanging pictures.

Hide and hang


Hiding the contact point between the mirror and the wall will not affect the beauty of the interior, but has a good decorative effect on the interior.


No matter the size of the area, the mirror has a strong decorative function, in the light is not particularly sufficient indoor, add a mirror can be appropriate to supplement the indoor light source.


In addition, in addition to the more widely used circular mirror, there are a variety of mirror shapes, and different mirror shapes can bring different feelings to the space. For example:



Square mirror, in the choice of mirror size to seek simple, symmetrical principle, mirror width and desktop width consistent.


Where to put the mirror in our home needs to go through the preliminary consideration, what kind of orientation, Feng Shui and so on need to be taken into account, the mirror placed on that wall also needs to carry out the corresponding planning, such as placed in different positions, different walls need to match what items and so on.


Hexagonal mirror, no mirror frame, with a simple white wall on the decorative full, visually increased the space, bright and spacious.


For example, this kind of mirror has a strong sense of design and decoration. Now there are more and more kinds of mirrors on the market, including styles, shapes and designs. If you don't need decorative paintings, if the space is relatively limited, you should consider installing a mirror for your own home.


The mirror installed in your usual unexpected place, will also bring you unexpected effect.


Mirror decoration wall, bid farewell to a single, rich in changes in the shape of the home is absolutely an outstanding decoration king. Without too many colors and elements, simplicity is the highest level of decoration.