How To Choose A Chair-several Points To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Chair

- Dec 25, 2020-

When choosing a chair, many people still care about the comfort of the chair. So when choosing a chair, everyone still has to consider many factors. So how to choose a chair? And what are the points to pay attention to when choosing a chair? Let's introduce some content about the method of chair selection. Let's take a look at it together.


How to choose a chair

How to choose a chair-seat height

Should be equal to the length of the calf, the calf droops naturally after sitting down, and the sole of the foot is just landing. Too high, hanging calves, too much pressure under the thighs for too long is not good; too low seat surface, thighs can not be placed on the seat surface, the weight of the human body is concentrated on the buttocks to be compressed, it will be uncomfortable for a long time.

How to choose a chair-seat depth

For chairs that are mainly used for sitting, the depth of the seat surface should be equal to the length of the thighs. After sitting down, the knee joints are bent just to the side of the chair. The seat surface is too deep and the back is not resting. The seat surface is too shallow and the thighs are not supported enough. Uncomfortable.

How to choose a chair-the material of the chair surface and back

Both should be of the "flexible outside and rigid inside" type-the bracket should be strong enough, but with a certain thickness of elastic layer on the surface. The outermost material that comes into contact with the human body should be breathable, wear-resistant, and dirt-resistant, and not easily generate static electricity with the human body or clothing.


How to choose a chair-chair back

It is best to support all or part of the waist, back and neck. The longer the chair sits, the better the support. Because the dining chair is only used during meals, the neck can be ignored, while the office chair is best taken care of. The size of imported furniture is often more suitable for people in the country of production, and special attention should be paid when choosing.

How to choose a chair-pay attention to the material

The selection of chair legs is very particular, there should be no scar knots, and generally cannot be spliced. Chairs made of hardwood, etc. are stronger. When buying a metal chair, pay attention to the wall thickness of steel pipes and other metal materials. Relatively speaking, the thicker the wall, the stronger.

How to choose a chair-pay attention to the style

It must not only meet your needs, but also match the color of existing furniture. The chair popular in 1999 is simple, comfortable and practical.

Well, the above introduction about how to choose a chair, I will stop here. After reading the relevant content above, I believe that when you choose the chair yourself, you can sit down and see if the chair is comfortable. Only if I have felt it before can I know if the chair is good. I hope my introduction will be helpful to everyone.