How To Choose A Good Chair? All Kinds Of Chairs Are Featured Here

- Nov 06, 2020-


Chairs are furniture products with high utilization rate. No matter dining chair, office chair, reading chair, there are always several chairs in the home. Compared with just a practical appliance, it is an indispensable "ornament". The position can be moved flexibly and should be updated with the change of space style.


As for the relationship between chairs and furniture designers, to some extent, it's like the relationship between women and bags. No matter what era and style, chairs are the most enthusiastic furniture products that designers pour into. Today, I'd like to introduce the characteristics of common chair types, and select six practical, high-quality and style single chairs.



Exquisite lines

With the popularity of minimalism in recent years, many single chair designs are becoming more and more delicate, and the modeling structure is trying to simplify to the extreme. Using transparent, fresh and durable materials, it can reduce the occupation of visual space, maximize the space area, and play a role of low-key foil.





Classical geometry

The aesthetic orientation of human beings has a preference for regular and symmetrical shapes, so the single chair products with stable and secure geometric lines are often listed as the first choice for purchase. It doesn't seem to be very brilliant, but it's the most practical and least tiresome to buy it home, and it's usually the most versatile.




Comfort curve

Fully considering the body curve and the use of engineering principles of the single chair design, bring intimate fit, make sitting more comfortable. The arc-shaped back has a good sense of encirclement and support, suitable for long-term sedentary choice.




Hollow texture

Compared with the traditional design of very "solid" chair, the single chair with transparent hollow shape is obviously younger and lighter, and can also be most integrated with simple space. The structural features make sitting still feel comfortable and breathable, and a small fur mat adds a tone.