How To Choose Home Mirror

- Jan 15, 2021-

In the room design, the reasonable soft decoration collocation is the key, which inevitably needs the decoration of the mirror, so how to choose the right home mirror? What are the classifications?


Diversified shapes

Arched mirror

Arched mirror, with enough length, has supermodel effect at any time. The original rectangular mirror, because of the mellow lines in the upper part, becomes softer. It can just neutralize each other when placed together with the surrounding angular sofa and books.

When the arched mirror is placed in the bedroom, the simple white wall is decorated and the space is extended.


Profiled mirror

Special shaped mirror, compared with the standard style, its shape is more rich, angular but at the same time has round lines, which has a strong decorative effect on the space.

Many people will put decorative paintings on the bedside table. Next time, they can also change into polygonal mirrors. The artistic atmosphere of the bedside table will be created all of a sudden.

Floor mirror is a favorite collocation for many people. A piece of carpet, several books and a bottle of bubble water make it a unique enjoyment to sit down and relax in this corner or to tidy up your appearance.

Rectangular mirror

For beginners, the rectangular mirror is a classic that can never be wrong. When it's put together with the cupboard and door at home, it immediately has a sense of line.


Diversified materials

In addition to the different shapes, beautiful and safe edge inlay process, the mirror can be matched with solid wood, brass and other materials, which brings more possibilities for home matching.

Brass mirror

Brass is often used in the retro style, with exquisite carving technology, it can easily create a sense of light luxury.

The bedroom naturally needs a big mirror. In a large enough space, you can choose this kind of mirror with wider frame. The brass carving on the top makes this humble corner exude a strong artistic atmosphere. Of course, it is also a treasure of concave shape.

Wooden mirror

Compared with the exquisite and eye-catching brass, the mirror with wooden frame is a little more low-key and warm. Placed in the living room, it is just integrated with the wooden furniture next to it. It looks like a mirror as well as a beautiful picture.

If you think the simple rectangular wooden frame is too simple, you can try this kind of shelf. Keep a certain distance between the bottom and the ground to make it more transparent.

Iron mirror

Most of the metal iron frames are black, advanced and concise are its inherent characteristics, and after the integration with the mirror surface, it presents a calm atmosphere effect. The super large iron mirror is an artifact to enlarge the space, extending the space to another area.

The space advantage of mirror

In the interior soft decoration collocation, the use frequency of mirror is very high, which is regarded as a kind of wall art by designers, carrying the dual effect of practicality and decoration.


Extended space

In not abundant space, put a big mirror, through mirror imaging, can double the indoor area.

The position of the mirror was originally a simple white wall, through the reflection of the mirror, the line of sight extended to the distance, naturally stretching the whole space.

If the indoor area is enough, you can try to adjust the location to bring in the outdoor landscape. Graceful light and shadow can be seen everywhere, which also increases the lighting of the space by the way.


Add artistic flavor

The plasticity of the mirror is very strong. By choosing different shapes and frames of different materials, you can achieve different effects. If you choose a good mirror, you can also add artistic atmosphere to the plain home.

If you grasp the color very well, you can also try such a color mirror, red, yellow and blue together, who dares to say that this corner is not artistic enough.

Decorative wall

As long as the interior space style is consistent and the mirror is placed casually, there will be no matching problem. You can also use a number of small mirrors together to naturally form a photo wall, and you can switch at any time, which is very flexible.