How To Choose Industrial Style Furniture?

- Dec 31, 2020-

A few classic furniture are very important. The quality of retro furniture is more expensive, but this does not mean that it will cost more to decorate an industrial style, because no matter what style it is, it is not cheap to show the quality. If the budget is limited You can focus on individual furniture, such as sofas; don't buy everything cheap to save money, it will be very cheap. This psychological preparation is still necessary.


1. Primary color leather sofa / single chair

Starting from the most classic items is generally no problem. Since the focus of leather sofas is to show the natural side of the material, then choose the original color or worn leather with caramel as the main color. Leather will produce natural cracks and color changes after use, but can enhance the unique charm of "long history".

Put a very, very industrial style of your feelings:



Although we don't have such a house layout, the sofa is good and feels great.

Let's take a look at the other pictures. As long as there are other industrial elements in the room, it doesn't take much to create a very pleasing living experience.




Of course, we have many choices, not to say that the industrial style can only be leather sofas. Fabric sofas are almost all-match items, which are also suitable for industrial style rooms.



2. Metal furniture or mixed iron and wood furniture

Furniture made of metal is basically the first idea of industrial style presented in everyone’s mind. The original silver-gray color interprets iron art, brass shows elegance, and black iron emphasizes individuality... If there is a cabinet made of PVC or synthetic panels, then It will be a little strange.

Reminder: Metal style is a cool color, sometimes improperly matched, it may make the space a little gloomy, and some people don’t like the cold and hard feeling brought by metal. You can consider matching metal with wood/stone/fabric to look good. There is a sense of warmth, such as a bed/chair/sofa with iron and fabric.



3. Retro lamps

In addition to metal furniture, the most representative products in the industrial decoration of daily life are industrial style lamps. Metal skeleton/classical wooden/glazed lamps are the easiest objects to create industrial style.


In the previous section, the exposed design of the pipeline was specifically mentioned, which of course can be continued on the lamps and lanterns. With the yellow Edison bulb, it has become a magical pen to light up the industrial style.