How To Clean And Maintain Wooden Wall Panels

- Aug 25, 2019-

Wood wall panels are often used in home decoration and store decoration, and the decoration effect is very good, then how to clean and maintain the wood wall panels? The following wood wall panel manufacturers introduce in detail:

Wood wall panels are generally installed in the living room dining room and balcony can also be used for ceilings. If used in these aspects, usually only dust, it is very convenient to take care of, just use a soft cloth to scrub with water.

In addition, if it is installed in the bathroom because the water vapor is relatively large and not so much dust and oil, you can usually use a soft cloth to scrub with water, ventilation, so as to effectively keep the ecological wood ceiling clean.

Secondly, due to the large kitchen smoke, the kitchen ceiling should be better resistant to oil, but it should be regularly maintained and cleaned. The method is very simple, just wipe it with a soft cloth. If the ceiling is not cleaned for a long time, then the ceiling should be deeply cleaned. A small amount of detergent can be used, hot water is added, and the water is wiped with a soft cloth with good water absorption, and the middle part can be scrubbed with force, but when the four sides are concerned, the force should not be too large. The second time, scrub with water, and open the window and let it dry naturally. If the room is not sufficiently ventilated, wipe it with a dry soft cloth.