How To Install Solid Wood Wall Panel

- Feb 11, 2020-

1.Keep the walls clean

Before installation should make metope clean, dry, level off, high elastic line leveling, in order to adapt to the local climate conditions, to achieve the moisture content of the air, bought wallboard before installation, should be the original package unpacking preservation at least 48 hours.

2.Design the dimensions beforehand

Before the panel is installed, should design good cent block size first, look for a square to look for straight hind try to install, after adjusting repair formal nail outfit again, avoid the decorative pattern disorder of the face layer, color is not even, edges and corners are not straight, surface is uneven, juncture place has black grain and juncture are not strict wait.

3.Check the top of the cable

Before operation, the cable should check whether the top of solid wood wallboard is straight or not. If there is any problem, correct it in time.Avoid solid wood wall board top - pressing thickness, uneven, split and so on.

4.Walls need to be treated against moisture

As a result of wood moisture content is large, after drying easy to shrink joint caused by uneven or cracking.Because this if metope is damp, should wait for dry hind construction, or do moisture-proof processing.

5.Panel surface to leave gaps

The height difference on the surface of solid wood wall panel should be less than 0.5mm;The width of the gap between the plates shall be uniform, and the dimensional deviation shall not be greater than 2mm;The diagonal length deviation of a single panel shall not be greater than 2mm;The vertical deviation of the panel shall not be greater than 2mm.

6.The angles of Yin and Yang should be horizontal and vertical

The Yin and Yang Angle of solid wood wall board is the key point and difficulty of construction, should pay special attention to.The Angle of Yin and Yang must be vertical and horizontal, and the joint is 45°.

7.The foot line and layering should be close to the panel

Skirting board and layering should be close to the panel, not to leave a large gap.Nail spacing for fixing skirting board or layering shall not be greater than 300mm in general;The nail cap should be knocked flat, the depth into the lath is 0.5~1.0mm, nail hole should be smooth with the same color oil putty.