If You Want To Decorate The Wall Once And For All, It Must Belong To The Era Of Wallboard

- Sep 25, 2020-

With the maturity of home decoration industry, the design style tends to be diversified, and wood wallboard also has a place in the wall decoration.




In most people's impression, most of the wallboards appear in the wall decoration of European buildings, and expensive has become the pronoun of wallboard.Is it really expensive? I just want to say that material and technology determine the price.In fact, our common wallpaper prices are not all good and cheap.


Wallpaper naturally has its advantages. As a common wall decoration, it can not only create a simple style, but also create a warm feeling. However, it is not easy to maintain wallpaper.




Material advantage

Durability can be regarded as one of the strengths of wallboard. In general, wallpaper will have various problems in 3-5 years, and other types of walls can not escape the fate of being teased by time. However, due to the particularity of its material, the service life of wallboard is basically unlimited, which can be regarded as very durable.



The sound insulation effect is also the wallboard's own attribute. The installation of wallboard decoration at home must be able to properly isolate part of the noise, so that the living space is relatively quiet and comfortable.




Appearance advantage 

The appearance of wallboard is very high, can create a variety of home style. One side wall is equipped with wallboard, the other three walls are painted with white paint or other simple wall decoration is selected first. Different material styles and colors create a sense of spatial hierarchy, and the atmosphere is extremely simple. The color of wallboard can also be matched according to its own furniture color system. The color of wallboard is primitive and natural, and can be used as a weapon.