Iron Frame Chair

- Sep 17, 2020-


Advantages of iron furniture: Iron furniture has high finish, strong plasticity, strong durability, and changeable modeling styles; its unique "cold" texture of metal makes hot summer a hot selling season for iron furniture. The color and shape are changeable. When consumers choose and buy, they can make various shapes according to their own mode, so as to meet the style requirements of various decoration. Compared with wood products, the degree of individuation and plasticity of iron furniture are slightly better. Generally speaking, solid wood can not make some special modeling, and the shape of iron partition can be adjusted according to the owner's preference and modeling needs, and the color of iron partition can be adjusted according to the needs of style, which is also one of its major advantages.


Although the iron chair has been treated with antirust, if the antirust film is worn, it is easy to rust because of the humid environment, which will affect the beauty and use. Therefore, iron chair should pay attention to avoid sunlight for a long time to prevent paint layer from cracking and discoloration.


Iron chair in addition to avoid sunlight, but also to avoid moisture. Damp easily makes antirust paint fall off and rust. When cleaning the iron chair, you should wipe it gently with a wet soft cloth to clear the dust and dirt between the gaps, and then air dry it before use. Iron furniture should pay attention to avoid acid and alkali corrosion, if you accidentally put vinegar and other acid and alkali substances on the iron furniture, you should immediately clean with water, and then dry with dry cloth.


Iron furniture to try to avoid moving bumps, if you need to move, it is best to lift a few people together. Try to avoid hard objects bumping against it, to prevent the appearance of iron furniture damage or deformation. Iron furniture if rusty, you can use oil daub in the rust spot, and then wipe clean with cloth. If the rust area is too large to deal with, you can contact professional furniture maintenance personnel for treatment.