Is This Material For Solid Wood Wall Panels?

- Aug 21, 2019-

1, Easy to install

Solid wood wall panels are made of wood as a substrate, which is very convenient and fast, and also saves time and effort. It has good interchangeability. As long as the style is consistent, it can be replaced by other woods, and it can be disassembled and used many times without deformation.

2, More selective

Solid wood wallboard has many substrates, including ash, oak, teak, cherry, teak, etc., and families with different economies can choose wood of different values.

3, Anti-UV, anti-radiation

Solid wood wall panels have a good absorption capacity for ultraviolet light and radiation. Not only that, but it also allows light to scatter and not damage the eyes.

4, Reduce noise and promote sleep quality

The sound insulation of solid wood wall panels can reach 29 decibels, which is almost comparable to the sound insulation of solid walls. In the bedroom, there is no need to worry about the sound of the water pipes in the bathroom and improve the quality of sleep.

5, Warm in winter and cool in summer

The wood of solid wood wallboard is also a poor conductor. The interior of the room is decorated with the effect of warm winter and cool summer. It is a very good wall decoration material for the bedroom.

6, Wear resistance, impact resistance

The compressive strength and flexural strength of solid wood wall panels are good, and it is a good substitute for latex paint. It is more suitable for indoor space than common paints and wallpapers.