Looking Back To 2020, Looking Forward To 2021

- Feb 05, 2021-

Bid farewell to the unforgettable 2020 and usher in the brand new 2021. On January 30, 2021, the 2020 New Year's Party of Hangzhou Meant Building Material Co.,Ltd was held in Longxi Hotel, where all staff of the company gathered together to have a party.


In the company's year-end summary, each department made a year-end summary of the Department's work in 2020. Mr. Dave and Kevin made a comprehensive, objective and fair summary of the development of Hangzhou Meant Building Material Co.,Ltd in 2020, and put forward the company's future development ideas in 2021. The party commended and rewarded the company's advanced individuals in 2020, and encouraged the winning employees to guard against arrogance and impatience in the new era One year has played a leading role and made new contributions.

At the annual meeting, the interactive game of employees was very lively. The lucky draw pushed the atmosphere of the annual meeting to a climax. The ultimate award massage chair finally fell into the hands of Alex, the supply chain management. At the new year's dinner, all the staff raised their glasses to celebrate the new year and hoped that the future of Juneng would be better.

The whole annual meeting came to an end in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere, showing the energetic, positive, United and enterprising spirit of the staff. Looking back on 2020, we will work together, work hard, and gain together; looking forward to 2021, we have the same goal, full of confidence, and jointly look forward to a more brilliant future for the company.