Materials Suitable For Metal Chairs

- Oct 09, 2020-

There are many materials suitable for making metal chairs, and the selection range is also very wide. Only for manufacturers, the main considerations are: the cost of metal, processing technology, after-sales convenience, transportation costs, customer recognition and other angles. Similarly, as consumers, they should also consider the service life, beauty, and style of restaurants or hotels, so it is suitable for making metal What are the materials of chairs?




Materials suitable for making metal chairs:

Stainless steel for metal chair

The Vassili chair designed by Marshall Brauer is the first steel pipe chair in the world which is composed of standard parts. It breaks through the scope of wood chair modeling. The appearance of press bending molding machine and pipe bending technology makes the characteristics of steel pipe play. The steel pipe has elasticity, high strength, and the same bending radius gives people an orderly and unified aesthetic feeling.




Metal chair material suitable for chair

Ron Arad, a famous designer of metal avant-garde furniture, designed little heavy in 1989, which is undoubtedly a very important work under the background of the 1980s when handicraft was transferred to mechanical manufacturing. Arad created this stainless steel single chair by hand tapping and welding, and is permanently collected by V & a museum for its artistic quality.




Aluminum alloy suitable for making metal chair

Chair one was designed by German designer Konstantin gerchech in 2008. This metal mesh hollow chair has a great sense of geometry and structure. The seat plate is made of frosted spray painted cast aluminum alloy, and the chair leg is made of polished aluminum alloy, which is very light and never rusty, and is suitable for outdoor use.




Of course, there are many materials suitable for making metal chairs, such as aluminum magnesium alloy, copper tube, etc. whether the metal chair is enough, just choose the right products. But the metal chair is rarely used in the overall supporting furniture, where the solid wood material is better.