Notes On Solid Wood Wall Panel Installation

- Oct 16, 2020-

Solid wood wallboard is one of the commonly used wall decoration, solid wood wallboard can let us highlight the style of the interior, so it is the favorite of many consumers. But do you understand the installation of solid wood wallboard? Now let's take a look at how to install solid wood wallboard and want to change knowledge to explain. If you need help, you can have a look!



How to install solid wood wallboard


Keep the walls clean

Before preparing to install solid wood wallboard, the wall must be thoroughly cleaned to keep the wall clean, dry and flat. In order to make the solid wood board adapt to the local climate and temperature and reach the moisture content of the air, the original packaging of the purchased wallboard should be unpacked and kept in place for at least 48 hours before installation.

Design the size in advance

It is also very important to design the block size of solid wood wallboard. Each stone wall must be squared and straightened, and then be formally nailed after modification and maintenance, so as to prevent the surface from disordered patterns, uneven colors, uneven edges and corners, uneven surface, black lines at joints and loose joints.


Inspection of top plate by guy wire

Before the project, it is necessary to draw a line to inspect the solid wood wallboard to see whether the top of the solid wood wallboard is straight. If there is any problem, it should be corrected as soon as possible. Prevent the thickness of top strip of solid wood wallboard from being different, uneven, splitting, etc.


The wall should be treated with damp proof

Due to the high moisture content of wood, it is easier to shrink after drying, resulting in loose and uneven connector or crack. Therefore, if the wall is wet, it should be dry after the project, or do moisture-proof treatment.



There should be gaps on the surface of the panel

The height difference on the surface of solid wood wallboard panel should be less than 0.5mm; the width of the seam between the panels should be evenly distributed, and the size deviation should not be far greater than 2mm; the diagonal length deviation of a single panel should not be far greater than 2mm; the perpendicularity deviation of the panel should not be far greater than 2mm.


The internal and external corners should be horizontal and horizontal

The internal and external corners of solid wood wallboard are the key and difficult points of the project, which should be paid special attention to. The internal and external corners must be horizontal and horizontal, and the butt joint should be 45 degrees.


The skirting line should be close to the panel

The skirting board and batten shall be close to the panel, and no large gap shall be left. The nail spacing for fixing the skirting board or batten shall not be more than 300 mm in general; the nail cap shall be flattened, and the depth into the lath shall be 0.5 ~ 1.0 mm, and the nail hole shall be smoothed with the same color oily putty.