Performance Advantages Of Recycled Wood Wall Panels

- Aug 20, 2019-

As an important garden building material, recycled wood wall panels are now more and more widely used. It has excellent performance unmatched by other materials, such as renewable, non-polluting and energy-saving environmental coordination functions. With the development of the national timber industry and the diversity of landscapes, various types of wood outdoor garden building materials such as anti-corrosion wood, red cedar, surface carbonized wood, deep carbonized wood and plastic-wood composite materials are emerging one after another.

Wood garden building materials are mainly divided into recycled wood wall panels, wood preservatives, carbonized wood and plastic wood composite materials. Since the 1990s, China's reclaimed wood wallboard technology has developed rapidly, greatly expanding the use of plantation timber in garden construction. Recycled wood wall panels are widely used in garden wood planks, pavilions, waterfront cloisters, flower fences, flower beds, garbage bins, outdoor furniture and other indoor and outdoor structural projects. Due to the health, environmental protection, crack resistance, moisture resistance and dimensional stability of recycled wood wall panels, it is also increasingly favored in garden architecture. It is often made into indoor and outdoor wall panels, room decoration, interior furniture, gardening items, outdoor wooden doors and windows.

In addition, recycled wood wall panels have excellent corrosion resistance and are gradually being promoted; recycled wood wall panels also have the characteristics of effectively reducing resource consumption, improving resource utilization, energy saving, recycling, and recycling, thus complying with reduction The concept of recycling economy, recycling and recycling has a positive role in building a conservation-oriented industrial structure, a conservation-oriented growth model, a conservation-oriented consumption model, and a harmonious society that achieves sustainable development. Transforming the mode of economic development has great practical significance, so recycled wood wallboard is a typical green low-carbon product. The development of recycled wood wallboard industry is in line with the scientific development concept and in line with the national industrial policy. At the same time, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, etc. The ministry has also been paying attention to and supporting the development of China's recycled wood wallboard industry.