Share A Wave Of Beauty To The Explosive Table-resin River Table

- Dec 18, 2020-

Today I want to share with you the resin river table

The first to propose the design concept of the river table was an American furniture designer Greg Klassen, a furniture manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest.


He found inspiration in the natural landscape and translated the landscape into his work. His River Collection is a series of intricate designs and handmade tables. An embedded turquoise glass "river" runs through each piece of wood. The natural uneven edges of the wood and their vivid textures provide the perfect "shore", which all mimic the river.


Retaining the original “ugly” nodules and textures, the processed waste wood presents a unique beauty, and the original dull style of the logs becomes lively and cheerful.

Gradually, the design concept of river tables entered the country, and some manufacturers began to make river tables with resin, and the finished products were also quite beautiful. Below we can appreciate some finished products.



The design of the small table is bolder in color