Smart Expo-Same Tune And Shared View With Canton Fair Building Materials Museum

- Jun 15, 2020-

Offline exhibitions have always been the "standard" for foreign trade companies and the main form of overseas promotion. However, in April of this year, this golden period of foreign trade was supposed to, but due to the impact of the epidemic at home and abroad, overseas buyers were discouraged, and offline exhibitions have also been postponed and even canceled.

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Since 2016, Made in China has been fully exploring the "online exhibition" field. Relying on its rich experience in domestic and international exhibition resource cooperation, combined with VR and other technical means, Made in China has created a "Internet + exhibition" service model, launched the "SMART EXPO cloud exhibition", and copied offline exhibitions with new technology means Coming online has provided more possibilities and more extensive exposure for the exhibition.

SMART EXPO _ Online Exhibition on

"Zero-weight" exhibiting is easier and more convenient

The accumulation of Internet technology for many years and strong online operation capabilities have made the “cloud exhibition” technology of Made in China increasingly mature. This year, has proposed a new "zero-weight exhibition" new exhibition mode, which makes the exhibition more lightweight, and the entire process of the exhibition can be completed on one mobile phone.

In the "SMART EXPO cloud exhibition", buyers can freely enter and exit all exhibition halls, view the supplier's introduction and electronic brochures. You can also view the product photos, descriptions, and audio and video materials to get a three-dimensional understanding of the products.

The most attractive, of course, is the 360° panoramic factory. Exhibitors will take pictures of the factory in advance and let the 360° panoramic pictures of the factory be displayed in front of the buyer. This is equivalent to an online factory inspection. Buyers can see what the factory looks like in China through their mobile phones. There is no need to fly to China to eliminate inner doubts and save time and effort.

If interested in commodities, buyers can immediately perform multimedia RFQ at the "SMART EXPO Cloud Expo", and publish RFQ in the form of short videos, voices, and pictures, no longer limited to text, and the inquiry method is more flexible. There is also an "online business card exchange" function, which can simulate the business etiquette at the exhibition site, so that buyers and sellers can see each other's business cards in the form of "zero weight" and see each other's information more comprehensively.

"Online meeting room" purchase more efficient

Although the physical exhibition has been transformed into a "SMART EXPO cloud exhibition" in form, communication is barrier-free. The "online meeting room" function of "SMART EXPO Cloud Expo" allows buyers and sellers to conduct one-to-many or many-to-many audio and video communication according to their own needs, further enhancing the trust of both parties.

If the supplier finds a high-quality buyer in the communication with multiple buyers, it can also send a private chat invitation to guide the buyer into the new meeting room for a private private chat, to ensure that it can communicate with the buyer without being disturbed. Communicate more efficiently.

At present, China Manufacturing Network has planned 30 "SMART EXPO cloud exhibitions" covering epidemic prevention, home furnishing, mother and baby, hardware, technology and other industries, which will be launched this year.

As a leader in the domestic building materials industry, Metek will not miss every opportunity. The main products exhibited include barn doors, glass doors, sliding doors, canopies, door hardware, solid wood wall panels, wrought iron tables and chairs, etc. . Welcome to our online exhibition hall, you can directly enter the exhibition hall by scanning the QR code in the picture.