Table: Different Colors, Feel Different Style

- Nov 13, 2020-


When the water comes, in Noah's Ark, in addition to male and female birds and animals, there are more plant seeds. It is these colorful delicacies that please the vision and complete the health. In some things, the emotional element of color itself is also very important. So, as an extremely ordinary table that people use in daily life, what color is it suitable for what occasion? Have you carefully observed the color of the table in your own home? A suitable color can always make people feel relaxed, excellent and comfortable ; And those bad colors will seriously affect people's mood, thereby affecting more and more things. Next, we will use the following sets of table color pictures to feel the color on the table decoration and the impact on people. 




The picture you see now is a white British style dining table. White is more common in life and is a versatile color. White gives people the feeling of being pure, clean, elegant and fresh. It's like adapting to the eye, this one. Table color picture. Simple and simple, although the decoration is fancy, it shows the unique temperament of the owner. Dining on such a table is also a treat.



Dark red    

What you see is a classic style restaurant table. The main color is dark red. The classic style is immediately revealed. From the picture, this restaurant table corresponds to the whole environment. The dark red is just right to match the overall decoration style of the restaurant. Suitable for many occasions. If you put a few bouquets of flower decorations on the table and two bottles of red wine, the feeling will be different. This atmosphere is suitable for dating and chatting, giving people a warm and romantic feeling. There should be many people like it.




Speaking of orange, you would think of orange? Mango? Orange? Orange is the representative color in the warm color system. Vigor orange can induce appetite and make people feel happy. So in some fast food restaurants, you can often see orange tables. It can make customers increase their appetite, feel comfortable, and attract more consumers. It must be careful.




Do you like the sky, do you like the sea? Blue is a color that evokes imagination. The blue table below is fresh, natural, and elegant. Suitable for learning, blue gives people a sense of tranquility and ease; suitable for thinking, blue evokes unlimited reveries; suitable for reading, because your thoughts are clear and there are no distractions. She is the perfect combination of tenderness and upward. It symbolizes a healthy and peaceful lifestyle and a positive attitude.