The Art Of The Table Adds Another Beauty To Your Space

- Dec 04, 2020-

In our daily life, we often encounter some objects, behaviors and languages that are refreshing and always want to see more. Even if it was an object, I thought I could own it. And this kind of perception also changes with one's experience. With the development of technology, people in the use of materials more bold innovation, the design of the table, there are metal, solid wood, there are special materials, common, uncommon.



Ghost table

It comes from essey, a well-known Danish industrial design company, and is famous for producing high-quality household goods and gifts. The ghost table is made of acrylic material. It floats in the air like a magic tablecloth. In fact, the landing part is enough to support it to stand on the ground stably.


Glass River tables

The "River" table is made of logs, glass, steel and other materials. The ingenious design not only makes the different materials have a perfect combination, but also shows the wonderful scene of rivers flowing in the desert. Greg Klassen embeds a glass river or lake in every piece of his work. Greg Klassen lives in the Pacific Northwest, where there are a lot of abandoned or rotten trees, and every piece of his work is based on these raw materials. Sometimes, he would go to a nearby factory to look for some abandoned wood. In the middle of these tables are hand cut river or lake glass.


Abyss table

The effect of building a three-dimensional ocean profile with layers of glass and wood. With the increase of the number of layers, the material becomes more and more profound. Glass and wood chips are stacked layer by layer, winding natural sea shape curve, vividly reappearing the deep and blue ocean beauty. The material matching method is the same as the winding sea line.



Saarinen table

In 1959, the Finnish American architect Eero Saarinen designed it with elegance and fluency, which was matched with his famous tulip chair. The designer himself could not bear the clutter under the table and chair, and finally launched the one legged tulip series.



Cat table

"Cat table" at the exhibition of Milan design week in 2014, Chinese designer Ruan Hao's new work "cat table" became one of the most eye-catching works. With unprecedented forms of expression and unique design works, he explained the concept of designer and life meeting, design and life meeting.


Glass table

Italian architect Carlo Molino reale table was designed in 1946. He created a series of glass tables with laminated plates bent into complex curves and connected with copper screws. This curve style still affects designers.