The Collocation And Selection Skills Of Dining Table And Dining Chair

- Sep 30, 2020-

The decoration of the restaurant is very important. You can't buy a table and chair with good quality and suitable for yourself. In fact, the main reason for this phenomenon is the quality problem of the dining table and chair. Of course, in addition to paying attention to materials and colors, there are matching selection skills. Next, let's introduce the matching selection skills of dining table and dining chair.




 The collocation and selection skills of dining table and dining chair


1. First of all, determine the space area and form of the restaurant. If it is an independent restaurant, then you can choose a heavier table and space to match each other. If it is a small restaurant, then it is recommended to choose a small and delicate table.


2. The texture of the dining table is very important and also very particular. First of all, we must take easy cleaning as the basic selection principle when choosing. Therefore, we can choose marble and glass for the texture of the table. Of course, some wooden tables look good-looking and it is difficult to take care of them.


3. The shape of the dining table is also very important. The shape of the table is various. However, if you choose a high-grade table, you should take solemnity as the premise. The style you choose should not be too fancy, and you should show the high-grade status of the table.




Table and chair dimensions


1. Square table and chair size

760 mm x 760 mm square table and 1070 mm x 760 mm rectangular table are commonly used table and chair sizes. If the chair can reach into the bottom of the table, even in a small corner, you can also put a six seat dining table chair. When dining, just pull out the table. The size of 760 mm dining table and chair is the width of standard size, and should not be less than 700 mm at least, otherwise, when sitting opposite, the dining table and chair will touch each other's feet due to the narrow dining table and chair.



2. Size of table and chair with open and close table

Open and close table, also known as extended table and chair, can be changed from a 900mm square table or 1050mm diameter round table table table into 1350-1700mm long table or oval table, table and chair size (with various sizes), which is very suitable for small and medium-sized units and customers to use it frequently.