The Difference Between Ecological Wood Wall Panel And Solid Wood

- Jan 31, 2020-

Due to some unique characteristics of wood, despite its shortcomings such as poor dimensional stability, poor corrosion resistance, and flammability, it is still favored by people, especially in the area of direct contact with people, such as doors and windows and furniture Products often become people's first choice. Ecological wood wallboard defines the product material as wood, so the comparison with solid wood below reflects the value of ecological wood wall panel.

The current ecological wood wall panel has no knots of solid wood, which is one of the biggest differences from solid wood. The texture is also not coarse, and the wood grain basically extends in a straight direction with less roundabout patterns. The texture of solid wood is more difficult to achieve on ecological wood wall panels. Unlike wood, which has a curved pattern of wood grains, because solid wood has annual rings, and ecological wood wall panels do not have annual rings of solid wood. Less, more fuzzy wood grain, the wood grain of the ecological wood wallboard is more like a stripe of scattered spots, rather than the clear lines like solid wood. The texture of solid wood will be changeable, irregular, and sudden, while the texture of ecological wood wall panels is gradual, trendy, slower, rhythmic, and the change is not as sudden as solid wood.

2.Color and luster
The current ecological wood wall paneladjusts the color through the color masterbatch, so the baseboard color can be changed from light to dark. The basic color of solid wood does not change as much as that of ecological wood wall panel, which is very close to the color of solid wood. Because of the plastic component, the surface of the ecological wood wall panel also has a skin layer with matte gloss, which is different from solid wood. In terms of color fastness, the color of solid wood will gradually deepen and lose its original luster after sun and rain, while ecological wood wall panels will generally become dull in color.

On the touch, solid wood is rough, and the surface is uneven. The unevenness will also change with the color of the wood grain. The surface of the ecological wood wall panel is smoother than the solid wood, very flat, and has no unevenness. It feels more like plastic in touch.