The Main Styles Of Wooden Wall Panels Used In Ceilings

- Aug 28, 2019-

As the main product of ecological wood, wooden wall board is mainly used for background wall, wall skirt, exterior wall and ceiling. The application of wooden wall board to ceiling is mainly in the following styles;

Style one; plane ceiling, wooden wall panel plane ceiling is mainly 100 plane board, 150 plane board, 300 plane board. The main effect of the eco-wood flat panel ceiling is that it is clean, simple and easy to scrub. It is suitable for shops.

Style 2; concave and convex ceiling, the most effective effect of the wooden wall panel ceiling is the concave and convex trough ceiling. Among them, the most powerful is the Great Wall and the Great Wall ceiling. The first feeling of this concave and convex effect is clean and neat!

Style three; the outer wall panel ceiling, the outer wall panel to make the ceiling has a flow tank, which has a flat feeling and looks generous and decent.

The products of the wallboard manufacturers have a very good decorative effect. The most important thing is that it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, so more and more people are favored by the public.

Wallboard has won the support and trust of consumers both in its inner quality and in its external senses. The works it designs and decorates make people feel closer to nature. This is the most prominent feature of wallboard. While replacing the expensive solid wood, it retains the texture and texture of the solid wood, and overcomes the defects of the wood, such as moisture, mold, decay, cracking and deformation. Finally, the surface of the wallboard is smooth and the lacquer effect can be achieved without painting.