These Metal Chairs Are The Classic That Will Not Be Forgotten

- Mar 19, 2021-

Chair is one of the most commonly used home, although ordinary but also an indispensable part of life. Designers and architects seem to have a deep fascination with this "ordinary thing". Through the analysis of modeling design, human function and cultural input, a classic work is created.


Rittweld used Mondrian's composition of red, yellow and blue as the color of chairs, extending style art from plane to three-dimensional space. Warren planner transforms the steel wire sculpture into a smooth line seat. The extended surface of the chair back and armrest gives people an open and pleasant feeling. The combination of sculpture and function is just right There are many classics and unfinished stories about chairs. Instead, find a firm gentleness in these metal chairs.

Anthony chair

Jean pruway


Anthony chair was originally designed by Jean Prouve for Anthony University in the suburb of Paris. It needs to meet the needs of long-term ambush reading, which is comfortable enough and the cost cannot be higher than the public budget. The overall structure of chair is welded by different shape steel bars. The seat surface is arch plywood, and the easy chair just meets all the above conditions.

S33 cantilever chair 1-2

Mart Stam


Dutch architect Matt Stein has created a new chair: welded by gas pipes and tubular joints. The cantilever chair, which is made of hollow steel tubes, is very strong and light, and then he adds cloth and back to the chair. The first S33 cantilever chair was successfully broken by "C-shaped chair foot". In Bauhaus period, the steel pipe chair was popular, many designers competed to invest in the development of cantilever chair.

Mr10 cantilever chair

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


At the Stuttgart house exhibition in  1927, German architect Ludwig Mies van drow discovered Matt Stein's cantilever chair, inspired by this, he made his own cantilever chair. The designer retains a flexible metal cantilever structure, but selects heavier and stronger steel pipes and designs a more rounded outline, and uses cloth or leather as the seating surface to make the chair more gentle.

B306 bench

Le Corbusier, Charlotte bellian, Pierre jannere


At the beginning of the 20th century, many scientists tried to find the best rest plan. In 1928, a Paris doctor named Jean Basco invented a seat with a manual adjustment and hinged metal frame. Inspired by the seats, three designers, Le Corbusier, Charlotte bellian and Pierre jannare, have made a different shape of leisure recliner. The H-shaped metal base is equipped with sliding arc-shaped steel pipe. People can adjust the angle according to the needs before entering the seat, or directly place it on the ground for use as a rocking chair. Le Corbusier called it "a machine for rest.".

Recliner No. 313

Marcel Breuer


To relax, try to fully stretch out and enjoy the sun therapy. After years of study and teaching at Bauhaus college, Hungarian American architect Marcel Brauer began to experiment with new industrial materials of metal. Finally, he designed a series of furniture which is very light and easy to move to the outside. The chair body is made of stretch aluminum, with fine structure and light skeleton, which makes people feel the desire to lie down and rest for a while.