What Are The Dining Tips?

- Jan 08, 2021-


Choice of table

As the protagonist of the restaurant, you need to consider two points when choosing a table size:

1. The number of people dining at home (the number of people eating at home every day); 2. The frequency of visitors (the number of people receiving guests at ordinary times);

After understanding the most basic needs, determine the size of the table.

Table size

Generally speaking, most people have 3-5 people at home, and most people will choose the conventional 4-person dining table. The size of the dining table is recommended to be between 120-150cm in length and 75-85cm in width.


This kind of size dining table has a relatively small floor area, and is especially suitable for small-sized households, especially those with a small restaurant area. With a bench or dining chair, it can not only meet daily needs, but also easily complete 6-8 Human hospitality needs.




Even if the guests come at home, you can add dining chairs on both sides of the dining table to satisfy at least 6 people dining together, which is very practical.



There are also friends who like larger dining tables, 160-200cm long. Compared with the types of dining tables introduced above, this type of dining table is more suitable for friends with larger sizes. Large dining tables can not only accommodate more people at the same time, but also It can also be used as a work table, with greater operating space.


Size Tips

It is recommended to choose a dining table of 1.3 meters or less for a small apartment below 90m²; a 1.3/1.4 meter dining table is recommended for a 100m² apartment; a 1.5/1.6 meter dining table is recommended for a 120m² apartment; a 1.8 meter dining table is recommended for a large apartment above 140m². .

There is also a relatively niche dining table-the round table. Whether to choose a round table is actually based on preference. Relatively speaking, long tables have a higher utilization rate than round tables. The round table has a better atmosphere.




Desktop selection

After talking about the size, let's talk about the tabletop material. Commonly used desktop materials can be divided into wood, stone and tempered glass.

The wooden dining table has a natural, friendly visual experience and is more environmentally friendly and practical. The stone tabletop is colder but easy to care for, and the toughened glass is more transparent. This often depends on personal preference.



As far as the wooden dining table is concerned

Light-colored wood is relatively fresh and bright (such as white oak, ash, etc.)



Warm wood is more warm (such as cherry wood, teak, etc.)



Dark wood looks calm (like a black walnut dining table)




Choice of dining chair

At present, when many domestic friends choose dining chairs, most of them choose the same series, choose the same material as the dining table, and match 2 or 4 chairs of the same style. This choice will make the restaurant more coordinated, more concise and orderly.




With matching skills/designer recommendations, you can choose different dining chairs, and sometimes mix and match to create a more interesting living space.

Dining chairs are made of many materials, including solid wood, iron, plastic, whether there is a soft bag...


The choice of dining chair is related to the comfort of dining and also affects the temperament of the entire restaurant.


If the space in your home is limited and you want to increase the storage area, you can set one side of the dining table as a deck.




The sitting height of domestic dining chairs is about 45cm, and the height of dining table is about 75cm;

The height of the Japanese dining chair is approximately 41cm, and the height of the dining table is approximately 71cm;

The height of the European dining chair is approximately 45cm, and the height of the dining table is approximately 77cm;

The sitting height of American dining chair is about 42cm, and the height of dining table is about 76cm.