What Are The Types Of Wall Panels

- Feb 09, 2020-

1.Solid wood

The board made of complete wood, these boards are durable, natural texture, is the best choice for decoration.This kind of plank cost is high, and construction craft is high, use in decorating not much.Real board is classified according to board name commonly, do not have unified standard specification.

2.Wood plywood

Also known as plywood, commonly known as the thin core board.Made of three or more layers of one-millimeter-thick veneer or laminate glued together by hot pressing.It is the most commonly used material of handmade furniture at present.Wood plywood is generally divided into 3 cm board, 5 cm board, 9 cm board, 12 cm board, 15 cm board and 18 cm board six specifications (1 cm is 1 mm).

3.Decorative panel

 Commonly known as the panel.Is the real wood board precision planing cut into thickness of 0.2MM or so of thin wood, with splint as the base material, through the adhesive process with a single binding effect of decorative plate, decorative panel is different from the oil mixing practice of a senior decorative material.

4.Joinery board

Commonly known as the big core board.It is made of two pieces of laminated board, which is cheaper than the core board. Its vertical bending strength is poor, but its transverse bending strength is higher.