What Should You Pay Attention To When Choosing A Kennel?

- Apr 09, 2021-

With the progress of the times, the development of society and the improvement of the economy, people's living standards are also improving, which promotes the development of the pet industry. Because dogs are the most loyal partners of mankind, more and more people keep pet dogs. The more, since the arrival of dogs has brought countless joys to our lives, these cute pets can help people relax after our stressful work. Now families with children also choose to raise a dog, because a dog can help children build patience and responsibility.


When choosing a kennel for your dog, you must pay attention to comfort and warmth. First of all, you must pay attention to the choice of kennel fabric. Most of the kennel fabrics on the market are mainly pure cotton, acrylic, and flannel, and the main fillers are: sponge, cotton, and PP cotton. Of course, if you want to choose, pure cotton fabric is definitely the first choice, it is not easy to generate static electricity, because the sensitivity of animal organs is much higher than that of humans, so try to avoid some irritating things, and then pure cotton is healthier and not easy to produce harmful substance.

Next is flannel, which is also very warm and comfortable. Acrylic fabric is the least recommended. Acrylic is low in cost and kennels are also relatively cheap, but dog hair and acrylic are easy to knot after contact. The filling is preferably made of PP cotton, which keeps warm and can dry quickly. The second is cotton, which is good for warmth and health, but it is inevitable that the kennel will be stained with urine, which is not easy to dry and easy to decay; the last is sponge, which is soft, has better warmth, and the price is the cheapest.



When choosing a kennel, in addition to keeping it warm and comfortable, the most important thing is to choose a kennel that is easy to clean. Wooden kennels are easier to clean. If it is a large dog, wooden kennels can be preferred. If it is a cotton kennel, it is best not to have too many ornaments. Simple kennels are usually easier to clean. Yes, some kennel shells are detachable, which is more convenient. To sum up the two points, large dogs should choose wood as much as possible. If they are dirty, they can be washed directly with a brush and water; small dogs should be simple and practical, and try to minimize ornaments. The market is mainly round and square pit-shaped kennels.

When choosing a kennel, you can pay more attention to details. After satisfying the above two requirements, we can pay more attention to some additional functions of kennels. Nowadays, kennels are emerging in endlessly with complex and diverse functions. We still follow the principle of practicality first, try to choose kennels with practical functions and not easy to wear, and try to buy as few as possible the variety of colors, beautiful appearance but not practical enough.



Dogs are more naughty. If the quality is not good, they are easy to wear and have poor eyesight. Another piece is to talk about the internal setting of the doghouse. Generally speaking, a warm and comfortable mat can be laid. The mat should have several characteristics, namely, good water absorption, good warmth, easy to clean and so on.

The last point is the size of the kennel. This is mainly slightly larger than the dog. The decision to buy is based on the size of the dog. Adult large dogs are mainly wood, and small dogs are mainly cloth. Choose the size of the kennel or the dog cage. The dog should be able to turn around freely after entering and be able to lie down flat. The dog’s kennel should be covered with a soft and flat cushion. The dog cushion can be made of cotton pads or The sponge pad is covered with a washable cloth cover. The thickness should ensure sufficient elasticity and softness, and the size should be as large as the bottom surface of the doghouse or cage.