When The Resin Meets The Wood, The Table Made Is Amazing

- May 29, 2020-

First pour the pigment and epoxy resin into the bucket and stir.

Then pour the mixed liquid into the wood gap in the placed trough plate, if there are bubbles, you can blow it away with a flame gun.

After the epoxy resin condenses, remove the surrounding groove plate.

Then wax and polish

After air-drying, it looks like this, it is quite artistic.

In the dark, under the table with lights, the transparent resin layer that emits blue light, like sapphire, looks very beautiful.

This is a table made of other epoxy resins and wood.

The transparent epoxy resin in the middle makes the table very beautiful

Table made of dark blue epoxy resin

The skateboard made of epoxy resin and wood is also very good as a gift.