Why Do More And More People Choose Iron Art When Buying Furniture?

- Feb 19, 2021-

Wrought iron furniture is suitable to be placed in many spaces such as balconies, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. It can make the home full of romance and coolness, and is favored by many people. So how to buy wrought iron furniture? How should wrought iron furniture be maintained?


Part1: The first step of purchase and maintenance to understand iron furniture

  Wrought iron furniture refers to furniture made with artistically processed metal products as the main material or partial decorative materials.

1. The production of iron furniture

  The material of iron furniture is mainly iron, in addition to fabric and solid wood. In the home space with wood products as the main body, the use of iron-made coffee tables, glass dining tables, lounge chairs, flower stands and other furnishings as bright spots has become the choice of most families. The process of iron furniture: iron furniture is also called metal furniture. The materials can be processed into various shapes through stamping, forging, casting, molding, winding, welding and other processing techniques. Use secondary processing techniques such as electroplating, spraying, and plastic coating for surface treatment. Then generally use welding, screw, pin and other connection methods to install.  


2. Features of wrought iron furniture

   wrought iron furniture is suitable to be placed in a modern-style room. The following is a detailed introduction to the characteristics of iron furniture.


   Iron art furniture has a long service life. In addition to the characteristics of iron itself, iron art furniture will have a layer of paint on its outer layer to prevent oxidation, so it has anti-aging characteristics.

Strong collocation

   wrought iron furniture is known for its combination of "metal + fabric" and "metal + solid wood". No matter which matching method, you can find a suitable matching method from it, and the decorative effect is outstanding.


Part 2: Tips for buying iron furniture 6 ways to buy iron furniture

More and more people like to go shopping for wrought iron furniture in the furniture market, from wrought iron lamp stands to wrought iron bedside tables, from wrought iron security doors to wrought iron windows. But how can we choose good iron furniture?

①Look at the material of iron furniture

  Iron art furniture has basic combinations of metal glass, metal leather, metal solid wood and metal fabric. Pay attention to the material when choosing. You can start by touching, observing the color, and checking the brightness. Good wrought iron products usually feel smooth and flat, the material looks more textured, not hard to touch, and the color is relatively full.

②look at the style of iron furniture

   When choosing iron furniture, you should consider the style of the house as a whole. If the home decoration is mainly in cool colors, the iron furniture you choose should be solid wood and iron furniture, and the colors are mainly bronze and golden. Because in the eyes of people, the cool color is behind and the warm color is leaning forward. Reversed.

③look at iron furniture craft

   When buying iron furniture, you generally need to check whether the iron components have been treated with anti-corrosion, otherwise the furniture is easy to rust. Pay special attention to whether the anti-corrosion treatment of the joints between the metal materials is done well and whether there are obvious deficiencies.

④look at the details of iron furniture

   When buying iron furniture, pay attention to the details. For example, some furniture has some patterns, such as petals. At this time, pay attention to whether the craftsmanship is delicate and whether there are broken lines.

⑤Look at the welding of iron furniture

  The welding points of good iron furniture products will not be exposed. Check the quality of wrought iron furniture, and you can hit the welded part of the furniture with a hard object. If the quality is good, the mark of the knock is basically the same as the color of the coin. If the quality is not good, it will generally show the color of rust.