Will Wood Wall Panels Fade In The Outdoors?

- Sep 02, 2019-

The long-term use of wood wall panels has slight fading, indicating that the quality of the ecological wood produced by the manufacturer is good. On the contrary, if there is a serious and very obvious fading phenomenon in the short term, the quality of the manufacturer is problematic. The manufacturer introduced the reason for the fading.

1. The color masterbatch used by wood wallboard manufacturers is of poor quality. The various colors of ecological wood are due to external production and processing. A small part of the color masterbatch is added to the wood powder and pvc, which is fully fused, and then subjected to high temperature fusion to produce an excellent ecological wood. Products, some manufacturers in the process of adding color masterbatch, in order to save cost to add unqualified toner, resulting in faded blocks, and the color is not shiny, Donglin Wood Plastic Ecological Wood all color masterbatch is imported from abroad high-end products. This old customer can fully observe.

2. UV is not added to the excipients. The color change of the ecological wood is due to the oxidation of the color masterbatch under the strong ultraviolet light. If the amount added in the process of ecological wood production is too small or even not added, it is one of the reasons for the rapid fading of ecological wood.

3. The raw material PVC is waste plastic. Some small manufacturers, the main method of continuously introducing low-end and low-end products is to select poor quality pvc materials, or recycled secondary pvc materials to process, which leads to the thinning or disappearance of the protective layer of the ecological wood surface itself. The reason for the rapid fading of ecological wood products.