Wood Wall Board Production Process

- Aug 26, 2019-

Wood wall panels are used as important decorative materials, but few people know its process. The following manufacturers will introduce the production process of wood wall panels:

(plant fiber, talcum powder, plastic, etc.) raw material surface treatment → dryer → additive → processor → high speed mixer → extruder → forming head → forming cooling → traction machine → vertical and horizontal cutting → wood grain processing (or coloring) →Packaging→Finished products, wood-plastic (ecological wood) products that are so demanding on raw materials and processing.

Wooden wall panel

Ecological wood products are destined to become a new type of revolutionary building materials. Compared with the original similar products, the characteristics of ecological wood are as follows:

Eco-wood products not only have the appearance like natural wood, but also overcome their shortcomings. They have anti-corrosion (acid and alkali resistance), moisture-proof (water), insect-proof, high dimensional stability, no cracking, no deformation, no warping, etc. It is stronger than pure plastic, has high hardness, and has wood-like processing properties (similar plastic products are difficult to achieve).

Eco-wood products can be cut, bonded, nailed or bolted and painted. It is extruded or pressed into profiles, sheets or other articles that can replace wood and plastic or even steel. The characteristics of environmental protection, turning waste into treasure (social waste is a component of raw materials), saving increasingly scarce forest resources, and 100% recycling and production, production of fully automated, pollution-free emissions.