Wood Wall Panel Installation Method

- Aug 19, 2019-

First, the main construction materials and accessories

1. Ecological wood interior and exterior wall panels;

2, stainless steel expansion bolts, corner bolts, cross-head galvanized self-tapping screws;

3. Light steel keel and solid keel;

4, sealing lines and closing lines;

Second, the construction method

1) It can be directly nailed to the surface of the wall. If the wall is flat, it does not need to be a wooden dragon skeleton, and it does not need to be waterproofed on the wall surface and will not be moldy and rot, and the construction speed is greatly improved;

2) It can be bent and can reflect the curved decorative effect (heat distortion temperature is 83 degrees Celsius), 45 degree angle stitching and glue are used normally;

3) There are matching sealing lines and closing lines;

4) It can be matched with all kinds of common wooden lines, and the matching is simple and complete;

5) The surface is smooth and rich in wood. It has the effect of varnishing without using paint, ready to use.

Third, other methods to install:

If the wall is not flat, you can use the splint, plywood, and wooden keel to make the substrate. The thickness of the splint is generally calculated according to the size of the installed area. The plywood on the market generally has 5%, 9%, and 12%. Etc. The larger the area, the thicker the splint is. It is generally recommended to use more than 9 PCT. Install the splint first, then measure the position of the decorative panel, place the green source ecological wood on the wall, and then tilt it at the male mouth. Fix the nails, usually one nail at a distance of 30 cm, and then insert the other one after the installation, the same method until the installation is completed.