Wood Wall Panel Installation Method

- Sep 01, 2019-

The following ecological wood manufacturers introduce the specific installation methods of wooden wall panels:

1. Measure the wall size, confirm the installation position, determine the horizontal line and vertical line, and determine the cut-out reserved size of the wire socket, pipe and other objects.

2. Calculate and cut off some wooden wall panels according to the actual size of the construction site (there are symmetrical requirements on the opposite surface, especially pay attention to the size of the partial wallboard to ensure the symmetry of the two sides) and the lines (the edge line, the outer corner line) , connect the lines), and cut out for the wire socket, pipe and other objects.

3. Install wooden wall panels:

(1) The order of installation of wooden wall panels follows the principle of left to right and bottom to top.

(2) When the wooden wall panel is installed laterally, the notch is facing upward; when installed vertically, the notch is on the right side.

(3) Some solid wood wooden wall panels have requirements for the pattern, and each façade shall be installed from small to large in accordance with the pre-programmed number on the wooden wall panel. (The number of wooden wallboards follows from left to right, from bottom to top, and numbers from small to large)

4, the fixing of the wooden wall board on the keel:

(1) Wood keel: mounted with nails

Fix the wooden wallboard on the keel with the nails along the socket and the slot. The nail must be embedded in the wooden keel more than 2/3, the nails should be evenly arranged, and a certain density is required. Each wooden wall panel and The number of nails attached to each keel is not less than 10.

(2) Light steel keel: special installation accessories

The wooden wall panels are installed laterally with the notches facing up and installed with mounting fittings, and each wooden wall panel is connected in turn. The wooden wall panels are installed vertically and the notches are on the right side. They are installed in the same way from the left. At the end of the two wooden wall panels, a gap of not less than 3 mm should be left.

5. When there is a requirement for the edge of the wooden wall panel, the edge of the edge can be used to close the edge, and the edge is fixed by screws. For the right side and upper side of the edge line, it is reserved for lateral expansion for 1.5mm, and can be sealed with silicone.

6. Installation method of wooden wall panel at the corner:

(1) inner wall corner (yin angle), densely spelled; fixed with 16*16 female corner line;

(2) The outer wall corner (positive angle), densely spelled; fixed with 20*20 male corner line or 35*45L border.

7. Inspection holes and other construction problems

(1) When the inspection hole is in the same plane, the other surface of the inspection hole cover except the wooden edge shall be decorated with wooden wall panels; the wooden wall panel of the wall shall not be closed at the inspection hole, and only the edge of the inspection hole shall be required. Just flat.

(2) If the position of the manhole is perpendicular to the wall surface of the wooden wall panel, the position of the manhole should be changed to ensure the construction conditions of the wood wall panel.

(3) If other construction problems (such as wire sockets, etc.) are encountered during installation, the connection method should be in accordance with the requirements of the designer or follow the instructions of the on-site technician. For other special circumstances of the construction site, please communicate with Kangyijia Ecological Wood Technician in advance.