Wood Wall Panel Maintenance Cheats

- Aug 27, 2019-

Wood wall panels are the materials that we often use for wall decoration. Do you know how to maintain wooden wall panels in peacetime? The following wood wall board manufacturers will teach you a few tips to maintain cheats:

1. When wiping the wall surface, we should use a soft cotton cloth or a soft brush to avoid using metal brushes or hard cloth. Because many ecological wood products are produced with certain moisture. In order to maintain the good aesthetics of the wallboard, it is necessary to avoid long-term exposure of the sunlight, so that the wood will not lose moisture and crack, and the indoor ventilation should be maintained.

Wooden wall panel

2. Make sure there is sufficient humidity and temperature in the room. Among the types of ecological wood products today, the application of green ecological wood is the most widely used. We usually use air conditioners at home, which will result in low indoor air humidity, so consider putting a basin of water on the wall. Due to the free evaporation of moisture, the indoor air humidity is also appropriately increased.

3. For some vacant houses, if it is also decorated with ecological wood. It should be cleaned regularly. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it may cause the wall panel to become darker. And for some stubborn stains, if not cleaned in time, it will not be able to clean at the end.