Wood Wallboard

- Sep 04, 2020-

Wood wallboard is mainly made of wood. Beautiful surface, close to nature. Wood wallboard is widely used in various buildings and high-grade villas. It is one of the environmental protection and fashion furniture decoration materials. This article mainly introduces wood wallboard from the aspects of solid wood wallboard, ecological wood wallboard, cork wallboard and wood wallboard.


1. Solid wood wallboard

Solid wood wallboard, wood as the basic material. It is a new decorative wood wall protection material. Wood wallboard is mainly made of four horizontal wooden frames, i.e. upper, lower, left and right, as well as corner frames. The solid wood wallboard is easy to install and dismantle, and can be disassembled and reused again. The energy consumption is saved. It is not easy to deform.



The solid wood wallboard made of natural wood is hard and widely used. It can not only be used for wall care, but also be used as the partition of family and office to improve the efficiency of life and work.


2. Ecological wood wallboard

Ecological wood wallboard is a type of wood wallboard. The ecological wood wallboard has good environmental protection performance and smooth wood texture. There are various installation methods of ecological wood wallboard, which can be installed vertically or horizontally. In order to highlight the tightness of the texture and enhance the indoor lighting effect, it is recommended that we adopt the form of vertical installation for installation. And vertical installation, not easy to cause dust accumulation, easy to clean later.



Ecological wood wallboard, based on the original solid wood materials, has been treated with special paint. The protective film on the surface can protect the internal structure problems and achieve the characteristics of flame retardant and mildew proof. Therefore, ecological wood products with their own advantages in the market to occupy a place. The ecological wood wallboard has strong plasticity and various processing methods, which can be planed and sawn.


3. Cork wallboard

Cork wallboard belongs to cork product series. Cork is mainly produced in China's Qinling area. Cork, also known as cork, is mainly oak. Many trees in the long-term wind, rain and sun, will lead to the loss of water and nutrition, trees will become dry wood. The cork material, with the support of cork cells, can effectively preserve the moisture and nutrition in the bark and trunk, thus making the tree in a state of moisture retention.



Cork wallboard, preserved the original oak texture and color, with a relief feeling. It creates a simple and simple natural living environment. The results show that the anti noise effect of cork wallboard is better, and the range of noise prevention is maintained between 30-50 dB. It can be used in places with high noise. In addition, cork wallboard has the characteristics of thermal insulation.


4. Advantages of wood wallboard


(1) The glossiness of wood wallboard is not high, it can absorb ultraviolet rays, relieve the fatigue of vision and reduce the damage to the lens of eyes.


(2) The sound insulation of wood wallboard reaches about 29 dB, which is much better than other materials. Even for the small sound of sewer pipe, it can also play a good sound absorption effect.


(3) Wood wallboard, indoor temperature and humidity, can play a good role in regulating, and has the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer.


(4) The wood itself is hard and has good compression resistance. There is no deformation during extrusion.



Wood is close to nature and belongs to environmental protection material. There is no need to apply paint and other chemical materials in the decoration process, so it can avoid the damage to human respiratory tract and body. Is a more popular room decoration materials.