Wooden Wall Design, With Natural Elements To Create The Most Fashionable Home

- Jul 16, 2020-

In recent years, although some young people have higher and higher requirements for personalized home furnishings, they prefer new materials and modeling customization when choosing decoration materials. But this did not let the "old" materials be eliminated by the market, but led to more new ideas. Take wood board as an example. In modern home decoration, people are no longer satisfied with the ground decoration. Some people have their own ideas. If they are paved on the walls and roofs, the effect is very good. It also has a strong function of sound insulation, noise reduction and indoor air purification. On the contrary, it is more and more popular among consumers.

However, the wood on the wall seems simple, but different construction techniques and design ideas will bring different effects to the whole home space. Which method is the best? Today, I'd like to share with you five common methods of wooden board on the wall, hoping to inspire more design inspiration in your home decoration design.


1. Whole block paving


This is the least waste of materials in the construction process. It is to wrap the wall with a whole wooden floor. Due to the less splicing points and relatively simple construction technology, it can also create a more complete natural and fresh effect. However, the cost of the whole board is relatively high and the transportation is inconvenient. Families with limited budget need to consider carefully.


2. Straight line paving


This is to lay the ordinary wooden floor vertically on the wall surface for decoration. The later effect is simple and atmospheric, and the construction technology is basically the same as that of the ordinary floor. It can also create different space effects according to different floor colors, which is very suitable for modern simple style design.


In addition, in addition to vertical paving on the ground,we also recommends that you choose to lay the floor horizontally. The personalized effect is better. If you pursue fashion and personalization, you may as well try it.




3. I-shaped paving


I-shaped wood on the wall technology, can make the wall texture texture more prominent. If you want to create different levels of effect, you can also choose different texture of the floor with laying, fashion will feel more strong.


4. Fish bone paving


The fishbone ground can be said to be the net red in the home floor decoration, many families like this kind of floor decoration effect very much, can let the space become three-dimensional feeling full. This kind of paving method needs to cut the floor in advance, which requires high craftsmanship and material consumption.


5. mixed paving


If you want the personalized effect to be more prominent, you can design patterns in the way of paving, or you can pave according to the unique way of wood, showing the uneven design feeling.


Or directly cut the board into pieces and lay it on the top from bottom to top, which can make the decoration effect like fish scale. It has strong decoration, but it also tests the patience and craftsmanship of construction personnel.


Which of the above five methods do you prefer? Living in the city for a long time, we are surrounded by the world of reinforced concrete every day. We are more eager to be close relatives and embrace the forest. As a kind of material made of natural logs, wood board has natural color and texture texture, which can bring different visual enjoyment to people through different splicing methods. If you are still struggling to choose which material to decorate the wall, you might as well try the design of wood on the wall, which will bring you different surprise.