Wooden Wall Panel Outdoor Use Precautions

- Aug 31, 2019-

Wood wall panels are often used for exterior wall or facade decoration, so if the customer does not understand the characteristics of the ecological wood, there will be some problems in the case of improper color selection and installation methods. The following is a detailed description of the use of wooden wall panels for outdoor use.

First understand the ingredients of ecological wood decorative materials. Eco-wood is mainly made up of wood powder and PVC. PVC is what we call plastic. According to the physical properties of plastic, there will be thermal expansion and contraction deformation. Therefore, ecological wood should not be customized when it is used outdoors. The longer it is, the larger the expansion ratio will be. If there is not enough gap left in the installation, it will be prone to deformation such as arching and warping.

Let's talk about the color. If the color of the wooden wall panel ceiling is bright, such as golden sandalwood, rosewood, mahogany, cherry, etc., it will fade in the outdoor time. Therefore, it is recommended to use subtropical color when using it outdoors. Walnut color, two colors, faded very lightly, almost invisible. Therefore, the eco-wood series products can be used outdoors as long as the color and length are selected.