Wrought Iron Wood Grain Transfer Chair

- Apr 24, 2020-

Wrought iron wood grain transfer is already a very mature furniture manufacturing process, which can be seen in many traditional furniture, such as doors, dining chairs, dining tables and other furniture.


Wood grain transfer is a kind of wood imitation process, the appearance looks like solid wood, in fact, its material is iron, the connecting part is mainly through welding process, so the structure of the iron wood grain transfer restaurant chair is very stable This is a very big advantage of iron wood grain dining chair.


There are many options for the color of wrought iron wood grain. Basically, the more popular colors will have ready-made materials. Therefore, not only can the wrought iron wood grain dining chair have a variety of choices, but also the production cycle can be greatly reduced.


The workability of wrought iron is very good, so it can produce a variety of wood grain transfer dining chair styles with different shapes. The raw material cost of steel is much lower than that of wood, and the production process is relatively simple. It is very advantageous in terms of cost. Moreover, the overall effect of the wrought iron wood grain transfer chair and the solid wood dining chair is equivalent, and the durability will be better. .