Modern-Looking Classic Dining Table

Walnut Wood River Table is our take on the standard resin and wood furniture.
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Product Details

221A4851 副本

Product Description

The modern-looking classic dining table is an amazing handcrafted dining table designed for luxurious interiors. Designed using vibrant epoxy resin and high-quality wood this table is an exceptional epoxy resin wood designer table for adorning the interior's look. 

More and more frequently used in the crafting and hobby world, they are easy to use with non-toxicity, making them suitable for ventilated craft rooms and work areas. Epoxy resin is perfect for jewelry casting as it has a shallow setting depth, so it will cure quickly when used correctly.

Make finish process of up to 10 finish steps each one-of-a-kind sculpture has its grain patterns and patina, texture in an unsurpassed clarity, depth, and durability to our finishes of Epoxy Resin Table.

Production Line and equipment


1571799514(1)Package and warehouse






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